Student-Faculty Dinner

The highly popular, semesterly Student-Faculty dinner is now in its fifth semester running and bigger than ever before! Come talk face-to-face with professors from all engineering disciplines in the largest student-faculty social run by students! Every semester, over fifteen professors from all engineering professions come to this highly anticipated event. This business casual dinner includes a chance to mingle with professors and their families, dine on catered food, and enjoy a cappella performances… all for FREE!

Professors who have attended this highly coveted dinner in the past include:

  • KY-Daisy Fan (CS 1110)
  • Wolfgang Sachse (MAE 2020)
  • Ashim Datta (BEE 3500)
  • Bruce Turnbull (ENGRD 2700)
  • Phil Krasicky (PHYS 1112)
  • Robert Terrell (MATH 2930)
  • Brian Crane (CHEM 2090)

...And many more!